Ayurvedic Herbal Candles: Assorted Tealights


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Aromatherapy works on a subtle level, through the mind, senses and absorption of impressions. Oils derived from spice, herb and flower essences are skillfully blended in these handcrafted Ayurvedic Herbal Tealights to harmonize all doshas and bring a sense of peace and clarity. Furthermore, these Ayurvedic Candles have been blended according to Ayurvedic principles to balance the life force (prana), the life essence (ojas) and the life fire (tejas).

We carry this Assorted Tealight Pack to let you sample all the varieties these Ayurvedic Herbal Candles come in. We are certain that you will enjoy all of their fragrant aromas! The Four varieties in this Pack are:

Vata – Air & Ether

Mandarin, Cardamom and Tulsi (holy basil), an ideal blend, warmly sweet and perfectly balanced to nurture restless and etheral Vata. This aromatherapy blend will settle the nervous system and bring a sense of calm. Also wonderful in the Vata season of Fall, when this dosha is most challenged by its similar elements.

Pitta – Fire & Water

Sweet Fennel, cool Coriander and fragrant Sandalwood blend beautifully to harmonize radiant and fiery Pitta. A light and refreshing scent to burn in the heat of Summer and to pacify the intensity of this solar force. Those with excess heat and mental stress can benefit from this celestial candle.

Kapha – Water & Earth

This blend of spicy Ginger, Black Pepper and lively Cinnamon invigorates creativity and clears stagnation so akin to this dosha. Cool and moist like the moon, Kapha benefits from the opposite qualities of heat and pungency. The watery Kapha dosha often needs a stimulating influence, especially in the late Winter and Spring.

Tridoshic – All Doshas & Elements

Saffron, Rose and the most unique Jatamansi, fragrantly meld creating a temple of flowers and a tinkle of bells. Anytime you need the tranquility of nature, inhale this amazing scent, sprinkled with rose petals, you will welcome such beauty.

Pure soy wax and cotton wicks create a conscious base without any crude oils, petroleum or toxic chemicals, burning cleaner and longer than most other candles.

Each 1 oz. Ayurvedic Tealight will burn for 5-7 hours.

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