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Gaja Laxmi – Lakshmi T-Shirt

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Shri Laxmi (or Lakshmi) is by far the most popular Goddess to be associated with the lotus, so much so that she is even called Padma or Lotus as a result. The lotus is a symbol of the entire universe in creation and Shri Laxmi is its glowing lustrous heart. This is why two of her hands hold lotuses while she showers wealth and blessings with the other two hands.

This 100% Cotton T-Shirt depicts a popular form of Laxmi as Gaja Laxmi, or the Elephant Laxmi, which means that she is surrounded by elephants that tend to her. Elephants are a symbol of fertility, as well as grace and power.

Here Gaja Laxmi is standing on a lotus, and two elephants by her side hold symbols of prosperity, while rivers of gold issue forth from her hands. Meditating on the many layers of meaning veiled in this image can be an extraordinary experience.

Let the energy of Gaja Laxmi embrace you with this design!

100% cotton, white background. Limited quantities!

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