Ganapati Colored Copper Yantra


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This Ganapati Colored Copper Yantra will bring you success and happiness. Ganapati is another name for Ganesha, the Lord of Ganas, who represents the power of the Divine that removes obstacles and ensures success in all human endeavors.

The Ganapati Colored Copper Yantra represents the three worlds: heaven, earth and the underworld, as well as the sun, moon, and fire, and the three gunas (sattwa, rajas, tamas) of Creation. It is most auspicious to worship Ganesha before any important project is undertaken, be it the start of a business, the building of a house, the writing of a book, or even before undertaking a journey.

Ganesha is revered as the son of Lord Shiva and Parvati, and is always honored first in most rituals. Ganesha is also known as Ganapati, Vigneswara, Vinayaka, Gajamukha, and Ainkaran. He is worshipped for siddhi, success, and buddhi, intelligence. He is also the God of wisdom, education, knowledge, literature, and the fine arts.

This Ganapati Yantra has been precisely engraved with mantras for puja and colored on a 3.5-inch square plate of pure copper with gold polish. Colors may vary from the ones on the picture shown.

I have been initiated with several mantras that I utilize to energize this yantra on your behalf to increase its effects and benefits for you personally. Choose the ‘Energized for 3 Days’ option below to order a personally empowered yantra.