Laxmi Ganesh Colored Copper Yantra 3.5”


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The geometrical form of Laxmi is the Shri Yantra, which has many layers of symbolism related to Creation, the Macrocosm and its reflection as the Microcosm, the Divine reality and its reflection on the human reality.

In metaphysical terms, the five elements are contained in this Laxmi Ganesh Color Yantra. Goddess Laxmi is the source and support of all existence. As Goddess of Prosperity, she resides where Truth, Charity, Courage and Moral Behavior (Dharma) prevail.

Before invocating the Goddess Laxmi, we need to welcome Lord Ganesha, the Vighna-Harta, or remover of obstacles. Ganesha also symbolizes prosperity with his pot-belly form. This Yantra combines both divine representations.

This beautiful Laxmi – Ganesha Colored Yantra is power-packed and will bring auspiciousness and abundance into your life. It can be placed on your altar at home, in your office, in your cash box, or in your wallet or purse.

This Yantra has been precisely engraved and colored on a 3.5-inch square plate of pure copper with gold polish. Colors may vary from the ones on the picture shown.

I have been initiated with several mantras that I utilize to energize this yantra on your behalf to increase its effects and benefits for you personally. Choose the ‘Energized for 3 Days’ option below to order a personally empowered yantra.