Mahasudarshan Colored Copper Yantra


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The Sudarshan Chakra is a Divine weapon used by Lord Vishnu and His incarnations, Lord Rama and Lord Krishna, as well as by some of the female deities. It was created by the combined energies of Brahma (the creator), Vishnu (the preserver) and Shiva (the destroyer). It is a discus with twenty-seven spokes charged with the energy of the twenty-seven feminine principles. The energy in all feminine principles is beyond the restrictions of direction and time. This powerful weapon was used to protect good from evil.

This Mahasudarshan Colored Copper Yantra removes negativity, illness and misfortune, and provides protection at all levels. It can be placed on your altar or used for worship.

This Mahasudarshan Colored Copper Yantra has been precisely engraved and colored on a 3.5-inch square plate of pure copper with gold polish. Colors may vary from the ones on the picture shown.

I have been initiated with several mantras that I utilize to energize this yantra on your behalf to increase its effects and benefits for you personally. Choose the ‘Energized for 3 Days’ option below to order a personally empowered yantra.