Om (Aum) Colored Wall Hanging


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To a yogi, no symbol is more powerful than the syllable Om (Aum). Om is the beginning and the end of all Creation, Om is the primordial sound that represents all three aspects of the Universe: Creation (Brahma), Sustainance (Vishnu) and Destruction (Shiva), formed by the combination of A, U and M, from which arises the sound Om.

According to Swami Sivananda, the long lower curve represents the dream state, the upper curve stands for the waking state and the curve issuing from the center symbolizes deep, dreamless sleep state. The crescent shape stands for Maya, the veil of illusion and the dot for the transcendental state. When the individual spirit in man passes through the veil and rests in the transcendental, he is liberated from the three states of life and their qualities.

Bring all this power charged symbolism to your altar or home with this wooden Om Colored Wall Hanging.

Measures: 8 inches height by 9 inches wide. Made in India.

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