Anandi Ma: This House Is on Fire, The Life of Shri Dhyanyogi




This House Is on Fire: The Life of Shri Dhyanyogi is a recount of Shri Dhyanyogi Madhusudandasji’s life, a reputed saint and master of Kundalini Maha Yoga, as told by his spiritual heir Shri Anandi Ma.

“This House is on Fire is a new spiritual classic. A small boy runs off to the Himalayas to become enlightened and a young girl astonishes her family by entering mystical states of consciousness. These are the true stories of Dhyanyogi and Anandi Ma. They are not legendary figures from centuries ago, but saints of our own time whose extraordinary lives are chronicled by eye witnesses. Every page of this book is a treasure.” –Linda Johnsen, M.S., author of Daughters of the Goddess: The Women Saints of India and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Hinduism.

Standard Soft Bound Edition.

ISBN 1-883879-52-3

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